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Ceramicoat Elastomeric Insulating Paint
CeramiCoat Elastomeric Insulating Paint is a water based engineered acrylic solar reflective coating that reflects 80% of the sun's heat. It contains ceramic fillers that releases absorbed heat faster than ordinary paint. It does not contain extenders like calcium carbonate and talc (chalk) that deteriorates after exposure to harsh weather.

CeramiCoat Elastomeric Insulating Paint is easy to clean - contains special polysiloxane emulsion that releases dirt, stain and other contaminants from everyday pollution. Polyurethane polymer modifications make the coating durable and long lasting.


Reflects 80% of sun's Heat               Energy Savings and Cost Effectiveness
Releases absorbed heat faster         Low Maintenance and Durable
SRI of more than 100                        Industrial and Commercial Use
Weather and UV Resistant

Insulating Paint